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I recently graduated with a mechanical engineering degree from Georgia Southern University. I am currently looking for work in my career field, It has been four months since I graduated and unfortunately, I have not found an opportunity yet. Any Advice on my resume or job search in general? I'm looking for an entry-level position in Atlanta, GA 

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    4 weeks ago
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    Unfortunetly that is the problem right now especially during a pandemic.. a college degree doesn't always automatically mean you are going to get a job. Most employers don't want to "train" a new hire, they want and ask for people with on-the-job work experience. Sure, the degree helps but, it's not everything either. I'd say, just keep looking. If you have no prior work experience under your belt in the field that is probably why. Many people have bachelors degrees nowadays, therefore the high regard to it is starting to diminish.

    I'd say keep your head up, keep looking, be open to learn and be vocal about that.

    Good luck!

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    Please get your personal information off of an international website NOW.

    The issue is simply your unfortunate time.  I was on a webex the other day with the US Secretary of Labor, Eugene Scalia. He addressed the poor situation that the 2020 high school and college graduates find themselves in. 

    But I also see issues with your resume / background.

    An effective resume is supposed to highlight what makes you special.

    It should have a professional summary.

    The first thing your resume lists is that you know MS Office.

    -- if you didn't know MS Office this would be a problem. You are a 2020 graduate.  This is EXPECTED.

    -- your soft skills section has got to go.  I don't need you to list that you a a team player.  You are going to write that even if you aren't.You also need to take out the word professional (with professional experience).  You don't have any professional experience, just experience.

    - If you would like you can pull out theI can't tell what the boot camp "thing" is.  Do you attend it or do you work at it?

    Your resume should have a skills section and an experience section.

    Related to your jobs, you need to tell us what you did, not that you are well versed, experienced, or equipped.

    - Utilized HTML5 to do XYZ- What back end technologies did you used and how were they used Ex= used ABC to create 12345

    On your actual experience (pizza delivery & amusement park) don't make it sound bigger than it is.  Inflating it doesn't give you credability.  "protecting company assets".... geez, you didn't waste any pepperoni.

    -- at the amusement park you need to state all your jobs, not the most recent.

    Also, not having an internship is going to put you behind

    Tell all your friends -- get an internship, any internship.

    Your university's career center, should have career development support.  Have them help you re-write your resume and use their services to help find a professional job. 

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    4 weeks ago

    Do you want to job in mechanical engineering or computer coding? If you’re looking to get into coding, then what have you got on GitHub? If you wanna job in mechanical engineering, then what experience have you had? Did you do an internship?

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