I am scared I won't get into college?

I'm very scared I won't get into college. My grades my freshman and sophomore year were very bad because I lived in an abusive household and was very depressed. A situation where the mom chose the boyfriend over her child, moved in with the boyfriend and bad things started happening. In my junior year of high school, she finally left him. My grades turned around. I got A's and B's. Now it is the beginning of my senior year. as of now I have all A's. But my overall GPA will still be a 2.2. I'm a great writer and wrote a great essay. I've gotten recommendations  from teachers who really like me and think I'm a great student (I got A's in both recommenders classes). I'm planning on taking the SAT (if I can due to covid). I am a good student. I was just in a bad situation. I'm scared that my freshman and sophomore year grades will ruin everything for me. I don't want to go to community college. I know students from my school have gotten into the colleges I'm applying to with similar GPAs, but I'm not sure if I will get as lucky. Someone please help me. Do I have a chance? What can I do to improve my chances?

Thank you to anyone who answers seriously


I am also in two honors classes this year if that means anything

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Honey, listen.  If anything you should fear that you WILL get into college.  If you don't get in consider it more of a blessing than a curse.  If you get accepted you'd just be creating a future life of perpetual financial hardship where it's impossible to sustain yourself on your own.  

    College is only for rich people and it often does more harm than good for the poor.  People are trying to talk you out of it.  LISTEN to what they're saying.

    Source(s): It's a bad "investment" of your time, money and effort.
  • John
    Lv 6
    4 weeks ago

    You will be able to get into college. There are many small to mid-sized 4 year colleges and universities which will give average students a chance.  Those schools tend to look even more favorably on high schoolers whose grades increased over the years.  

  • fcas80
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    Speak with your college advisor who will help you suggest schools who are likely to accept you.  Good luck.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Relax and keep getting great grades.  There isn't much else you can do at this point. I encourage you not to be overly dramatic about things being "ruined."  There are tens of thousands of kids who don't have good grades. Some get into universities and some end up going to a community college and transferring to a university.   

    If you want to take the SAT, which might be a good thing since you'll probably do well on it, you need to register ASAP for the November test date.  Tests taken after November may not have scores available in time to meet college application deadlines.

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  • Robert
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    You share a common trait with most of your generation.  I have read that you fear getting into college.  And I read that you are upset because of your home life.  And I see that you are copping out on responsibility by blaming everything around you except you.  And that's not going to help.  If you have a bad home life, work harder to get what you want and succeed to get out of the crappy home life.  But don't use it as an excuse to fail.  Excel as you know you can.  

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