Unmotivated to finish bachelors degree.. I want to go into cosmetology... but is the salary worth it?

So, I have 60 credits left until I obtain my bachelors degree. 

I am studying communications with a concentration in Public Relations. I don't have an interest in it whatsoever. I was always set on getting my BA because myself as well as my family has always set it in such a high regard as those with BA's , especially in a business major, could never go wrong and I will be able to make a living on a well / above well salary which is tough nowadays in our economy which I get but... Since this pandemic hit, I've been sitting home by myself doing my online courses, its been depressing and tough for me honestly. I used to like going to classes but now my motivation has completely gone out the window. I also recieve full financial aid since I am 26 s my tuition is totally paid for, plus a recieve a refund at the end of each semester for about 1k. I feel guilty because I feel I should take advantage of living at home, rent free and being able to work on my college degree for pretty much free... but I have ALWAYS had a passion for doing hair, but the money aspect scares me. Even starting off, hairdressers make between 12-14 dollars an hour (I also live in NY state). I'm afraid I won't make enough to live on my own and support myself if I go that route.Any advice would be helpful, especially from those who are hair dressers! Thank you!


Also, like I stated already, I receive FREE AID. Meaning my parents nor I for my schooling. Pleaser read my question thoroughly before responding, thanks.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Finish the degree.

    You have already spent a lot of your parents money on this.  That will all be a waste if you don't cross the finish line.   

    Get the degree, get a job and then pay for cosmetology school.  If you're lucky, your parents will let you continue to live at home while you are in cosmetology school.  

    Hair dressers can make a decent living especially if they are self-employed.  As a parent, I wouldn't be horribly concerned if my kid decided to go with a skilled trade instead of a white collar job.   But yes, I'd feel much better if you have a university degree to fall back on.   If you decided to drop out of college, you'd be given a big hug, and "I love you", and please come for Sunday dinners, but you have 60 days to move out and pay your own way in life.     We do not subsidize the lives of adult drop-outs.

    Just finish the degree.   You have a pretty cushy life compared to most and have very little excuse/reason not to obtain an education.   It won't prevent you from pursuing your dream of doing hair. 

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