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Pls help on this MC Question on US Government?

Which of the following is an example of checks and balances at work?

 A. The people choose not to re-elect a President whose policies they dislike.

 B. The Federal Government passes a law that overrides similar laws in several States.

 C. A bill passed by the House is vetoed by the Senate.

 D. Congress removes from the bench a federal judge who has accepted a bribe.

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    The only correct answer is D.  It's the impeachment process power of Congress that checks and balances the judicial branch.

    Some might argue that A is also correct - but whilst "We the People" are the government - elections in and of themselves are not considered a part of the three branches and therefore check and balance between them do not apply.

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    Rayal is wrong.  The House and Senate are both parts of the Legislative Branch.  And neither has the power to veto the actions of the other.

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    The House and Senate can and do override each other in the passing of bills. The house can pass a bill and the senate can either vote for it, amend it or reject it completely.  I never said Veto, that would be the President.


    The Executive, the Congressional, and the Judiciary all have a way to check and balance one another.

    The Executive can veto bills passed by congress

    The Judiciary can overrule any law as unconstitutional.

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    D. Congress removes from the bench a federal judge who has accepted a bribe.

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