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What should a mother do?

She is in the process of adopting a ten year old girl. I would have loved a tattoo when I was 10. The ten year old tells her step mother that she loves her permanent tattoos on her body (different parent gave permission) and does not want them removed. Should the child's tattoos prevent the mother from adopting her?

She also wants her name changed to “Jessica Lynn Johnson”. The adoptive mothers last name is Johnson. The child also makes it clear that she wants her ears pierced seven times. Her ears are pierced once.

The mother has a very good relationship with her step daughter she knows a short time. Her step daughter is he best behaved child in school. 

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    Since the relationship with the step-mother is new, step mother married either the girl's mother or father.   By marrying the girl's parent, step-mother has already accepted the child as part of her family whether she legally adopts her or not. 

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