AP Stats question. Help asap!!?

The manager of a vacation resort believes that the ages of adult visitors to the resort can be modeled by a normal distribution. The manager surveyed a random sample of 765 visitors and recorded their age. A summary of the responses is shown in the frequency table, where x represents the age of the visitor.

(a) Construct a histogram of the distribution of ages.

(b.)Write a few sentences to describe the distribution of ages of the adult visitors to the resort

(c) Does the histogram provide convincing evidence that the surveyed ages come from a normal distribution? Explain your answer.


Age (years) Frequency

20≤x<30      160 

30≤x<40      130 

40≤x<50.     100 

50≤x<60.     115 

60≤x<70.     125 

70≤x<80.     135 

This is the table btw

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