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Can't afford a lawsuit? ?

There's somebody I want to sue but can't afford the Legal cost 

charging complaint to police is a good option? That way they must pay if found guilty 

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    If you can't afford to sue, then you can't sue.  Charging complaint to police - try again in English.  If a crime is committed, fines go to the court process.  Prosecution costs LOTS of money.

    Source(s): Certified Paralegal, with 25+ years' experience.
  • Foofa
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    You're confusing civil and criminal law. These are two different things. If someone's committed a crime against you and you report that then there's a chance this person would be prosecuted criminally. That can result in jail, prison, probation or acquittal. There's no exchange of money here unless a judge orders them to pay restitution. A civil case is one where you're going after money only and there's no chance of jail/prison (because it's not a criminal case). If you have a good enough civil case and the person you wish to sue has some money you'll certainly be able to find an attorney willing to take the case on contingency (meaning they'll get some percentage of any settlement or award you receive). 

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    Wrong. Police do not get involved in civil cases. There is no guilt (or innocence) in a civil case. There is responsible for the civil damage you are suing over, or not responsible.

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    If it under a certain amount, usually $10,000, you can handle it yourself.  Just pay the court fees.

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    Police only deal with criminal matters, not civil and regardless of that if found guilty in court, the court doesn't force them the pay or chase them to pay anything, you have to take them back to court to get a court order / bailiff / guarnishment/ lien.... and all/any of that that costs you money

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    OK, what is your question as non asked and no real information given.  

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