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I'm quite positive that this story was in a collection of short stories, but I need to find it to read it again. In the book, a boy/teen who lived with his mom finds his mother dead at the market after she went for the day, because I think of a war. Chaos breaks out and people are being tortured on the streets, and groups of boys are stealing things from houses to sell. The boy has to flee, but on the way he gets taken into the backyard of a house where he is forced to shoot a man who supposedly was a pilot dropping bombs. He is let go and he makes it out of the danger zone, and ends up working for a rich family and taking care of their house. They go away for a while, and leave him to do a certain set of tasks. He doesn't do those tasks, which results in I think the roof of the house caving in. When the family gets back, he is let go from the job. He doesn't have anywhere to go so he goes into the forest by the family's house. He tries to live there without the family knowing. One day he goes down to the beach and sees a whale there, there are other people there too. The whale dies, and he feels it is his duty to bury it. He buries the heart of the whale late at night. He meets a girl who lives in the family's home that he used to work in, he finds her trying to commit suicide in the water, and he saves her. He later finds out she is deaf and she ends up teaching him sign language. Later on he ends up in the hospital and the girl comes to visit him. 

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