Will I Get Into UGA?

I have a 3.81 gpa, 6 AP classes throughout high school, 1220 SAT but I probably won't submit it since I don't have to, lots of community service, a summer job, track and field, swim team, softball, tennis team, and cross country, and I live in Colorado. 

My GPA is weighted that I listed, I wasn't looking to compete in college I just have lots of extra curricular to list. I am the co president of HOSA which is a nationally ranked club and the secretary of NAHS which is also nationally recognized. I also write for my schools newspaper. Will these help me at all?

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  • 1 month ago

    You've posted this question before and the answer is the same.  If 3.81 is weighted, stop posting it and post your unweighted GPA -- universities don't care about your weighted GPA. Your unweighted GPA is going to be below the average from admitted students at UGA, maybe significantly.  The same is true of our SAT score -- it is few point below the lower end of the average score of admitted students.

    Whether or not you get in will depends mostly on how many applicants have a stronger academic record.  If UGA has enough applicants  to fill their freshman class who have higher GPAs and tests scores, you won't get in.  If they don't, then you might.  

  • Lili
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    1 month ago

    Admissions officers don't really care about "weighted" GPAs, since schools weight differently, and grading and quality of courses can vary. They care about the raw GPA, and yours will be somewhat low for UGA.

    But it looks as though, otherwise, you're in good shape for admission. Your activities are all pretty standard, but UGA is not an elite university of the type that looks for really unusual and particularly interesting activities and experiences. The acceptance rate there is almost 50%, and if you're someone who will be paying full out-of-state fees, your chances are even better than that.

    I think you have some grounds to be optimistic.

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