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How to cure addiction?

Yes, in real life, I failed, but it's hard to change when you're not ready for anything. My family was noble. I had everything, all the opportunities, all the doors opened, but I played video games every time. I never spent a single minute to do my homework. With low grades in high school, my father took me away from English, Dutch, and sports courses. I missed opportunities to learn programming in good computer courses, one of them on Facebook. If I had always focused, it would be totally different. I know there is no point in thinking about this in the past but it is quite impossible to fight in the present. I was studying Japanese and a discouragement made me give up. For weeks I have done nothing but cell phone. I wanted to stop but it is the only thing that gives a little pleasure. A year ago I fought with my father and family and my world collapsed. I don't feel like a real man, just some loser who admires other great men like napoleon etc. but accepts his own insignificance and remains inert for his life. But the worst is that I know what I have to do, but I don't do it

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    If you're talking about drug addiction, I have advice from experts in my answers. is like a brainy version of Narcotics Anonymous - ex-addicts who believe in psychology. 

    I want you to read an answer rated Best, 5 Stars by someone many of us would call a born loser. >>

    "There are no hopeless cases."\

    - psychiatrist Abraham Low

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    You need to take control of your own life.  You mentioned you like computers.  Go to college and study IT or even computer graphics.  Move out, get a job.  It's better than asking random strangers on the internet for advice.

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