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Is life an unfortunate event?

Since the universe seems so chaotic. So life originated on earth, apparently peaceful enough place for that to happen. But the possibilities of the rest going wrong are big. So if you had the chance, the conscience to know that it was probably a bad place to be born, then would you have kept going or not? Now we're here, and of course bad or unfortunate things happen. Let's see how far we go, it's pretty much on us to survive.

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    The life of man originated on earth as God created the earth and man.  Revelation 4:11 KJV in the Holy Bible says that "we are created for God's pleasure."  Meaning we should be pleasing God and the only way to know what He wants is to read the Holy Bible called The Word of God.

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    I haven't read the answers in this question but i bet there's a bender of the devine ear just waiting to hammer their keyboard with a million quotes of scripture about all of this...

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    God is the originator of life and he intended for it to be unending and perfect. You have to go back to the beginning to see where perfect life became what we are living now and from there how God intends to restore perfect life in the very near future. (Revelation 21:4)

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    Yes, I have never seen a living entity that I envy or want to be.

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