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I got my adult tooth pulled a year ago and regret it in my 30's? What can I do by getting it back? ?

It still hasn't grown back in a year and I have a gap in somewhat of the back of my mouth. I had to do it during the time because I couldn't afford it... Now that I can... I want it back. How? They say anything is possible well how do I get a tooth I lost in my early 30's back??? Please help! 

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    You want a dental implant. I have one, and it feels like a natural tooth. They're not cheap, but dentists offer payment plans.

    Adult teeth don't grow back, unless you're a shark.

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    You can get an implant, a bridge or a partial plate.

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    Getting an implant sounds good. If it really bothers you, than to ahead and get the implant and you'll have your tooth back in your mouth.

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