Am I the one that’s wrong or the team that’s wrong (I’m just following what the supervisor told me)?

I’ve been in such scenario in one of my jobs in the past where employees simply looked at bags of grapes for any trusse, wood or decaying matter, despite the supervisor clearly stating that you must remove the grapes from their bags  and look through the grapes. I was the only one who did this while moving faster than anyone else, despite them placing more checked products on the pallets. 

I was reported to management for moving “too slow” when I was actually moving a ot faster than the employees who took shortcuts. 

Should I be insulted that I was reported for working too slow?


EDIT:  I actually move a lot faster than most employees there who only took shortcuts to finish before me. If I took their method and not mine I would’ve finished it much quicker than they would have.  

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  • Another sign of a spoiled, entitled person who has no bigger problems in life than to go around wondering "should I be offended?".  You have no concept of real hardship and there are a great many places in the world that if you were suddenly taken to, you would just die.

    Here is an example of something to be offended by:  I think you are a wimp and a cry baby. 

    See, that is an insult directed at you.  People gossiping and talking about you and crying to the boss is not something to be offended about.  It is something to take with pride that you're better than them and they resent it.

  • Alex
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    1 month ago

    Are you wrong?  No.  You did what you were instructed to do.  If someone complains, tell them to kiss your butt, that you are following procedure.  Just because someone 'reports you' doesn't mean you're in any kind of trouble.  Most managers recognize whiney people when they see them.  Even if your boss brings it up in conversation, that doesn't mean you are 'in trouble'. 

    "Should I be insulted?"  Please.  You are not working for your mommy and you are going to be surrounded by petty people your whole life.  The sooner you grow a thick skin to them, the happier you will be.

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