Windscribe OpenVPN on DDWRT Netgear Nighthawk router with file sharing server?

I want to set up this router to automatically connect to my vpn account and provide my entire mesh wifi network a secured vpn connection, while also providing access to my USB plugged SSD. 

So basically I want to set up a personal cloud storage, that I can have access to remotely. 

I followed the guide Windscribe provides for setting up VPN on DD-WRT but when I finished it doesn't show me the connection status on the "status" tab of the router. 

Also I'd like to mention that I want to set this router up as a VPN bridge device, the router that will be broadcasting the wifi network will be connected to it from the Nighthawk, and the Nighthawk to the modem. 

So can someone provide me a guide for how to achieve this? The Nighthawk is going to be a bridge from the modem to the TP-Link mesh Wifi router.

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