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Cat Abscess Aftercare?

Last night we took my cat to the vet and found out he had an abscess and the cut it and gave him some antibiotic  shots. However, they didn't stitch it or glue it closed which was kind of a shock to me. They were not very clear on the aftercare I would need to provide other than to wipe it clean if it was bloody/oozing. Is there anything I need to do to keep it from getting re-infected or will the shots they gave him pretty much help eliminate that possiblilty? 

This morning he wont stop scratching it and it looks worse than after they cut it. It's bleeding again and Im really not sure what to do to take care of it. Most of the pillows/ furniture in my house are white so is there anything I can do to cover the cut? I'm also trying my best to keep him inside since he's an indoor/outdoor, but would taking him outside to go to the bathroom on a leash be okay or would that lead to further infections/injury until that cut is healed? I 


Yes he went to the vet and I kept him inside. I am not a "horrible cat owner". He's severely neglected by a neighbor but is still released back to her if he is taken to the shelter, so I feed him, shelter him, and take him to the vet if he has any medical issues, and he mostly stays in my house other than to use the bathroom. When I posted this the vet was not open yet and since I wasn't the specific person in my family to bring him in, I wanted to make sure I was caring for the wound properly. 

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    It is very common to not stitch a wound closed when there is an abscess.  This is because it would promote the growth of another abscess.  

    You need to let the wound heal from the inside out.  You need to be keeping it clean so it doesn't get infected again.  

    I would call a better vet and ask what they recommend for cleaning the wound.  

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    If you really went to the vet why in the Hell are you asking strangers about this and not the VET?  CALL THEM!

    If this really happened then why didn't you ask the vet what you needed to do before you left? Abscesses are VERY serious and can KILL a cat if not drained and the cat properly treated with antibiotics.  Depending on the size, location, other health issues with the cat a vet would want to see the cat back in a matter of days to check the draining of the abscess and debride the wound if needed.  The vet didn't say anything about that?  And if they gave an injection of antibiotics they didn't tell you it was a long acting antibiotic and/or it didn't say that on your paperwork?  A vet also wouldn't leave a wound without some sort of bandage and would not have sent you home without a cone for the animal.

    So I don't think you even went to the vet.  GET IT THE **** IN.

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    The antibiotics should work to keep it from being reinfected. By draining the abscess, most of the bacteria are gone. The abcess is how the body's immune system fights bacteria or viruses. There is no need for stitching because the cut is not wide. The skin will heal itself. What you can do is spray some hydrogen peroxide using a spray bottle in a fine mist mode, a few hours a day as an extra precaution. It won't sting the wound. The hydrogen peroxide will turn into water by the heat of the cat's body and it will evaporate or you can use a paper towel or napkin to gently dry it. 

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    If he won't leave it alone, he may have to wear the cone of shame until it heals. The antibiotic they have him is probably a long lasting one, but they usually give you some to give him for a bit longer.  They left it open so it can drain. I've sometimes used triple antibiotic ointment on them as well.  He'll scratch at any bandage you try to put on it.  Most pet stores carry the cones. The technical term is elizabethan collar.

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    An abscess is a pocket of infection.    It has to stay open and heal from the inside out.   Vets often sew in some rubber tubing just to keep the wound open and draining.

    If the skin heals before the inside heals, THAT is when you get another abscess. 

    Do not cover it.   Leave it alone.  If it's starting to close too early or it gets gooey from the draining you can put a warm wet washcloth on it to steam and clean it.

    The cat is not going to go to the bathroom on a leash.  Get a litterbox.   The cat needs to stay indoors to keep the wound clean.

    Put away the throw pillows and put a spare bed sheet over your sofa.  

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