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How do I be accepted enough at work to have coworkers and especially bosses want me around if I am an awkward quiet neurodiverse woman?

I work retail and we have different areas of the store with different 'managers'. So I get to bounce around to other areas than my normal one I was hired for because they let you pick up shifts when hours are low. The thing is ai ws already seemingly banned from one area for a making a mistake. I think the manager was looking for an excuse to get rid of me because I am not jokey and talkative like the rest of the people under her and she herself is very loud so she maybe didn't want a very quiet shy woman around.

I think maybe I dont fit in at this job because of my personality. I think most people here are outgoing. I would like to work in the area I studied for but i have not had luck with even getting interviewed. I also apply for other min wage jobs as I am open to almost any type of work and am not snobby or picky really. But its hard to even get a job period.

So I feel blessed i am able to maintain THIS job, no matter how awkward of a fit it is.

I mentioned being neurodiverse because I took a long online test and it said thas what I am. It basically is saying I am more aspergers/autistuc than not. So thats probably why I am so quiet, awkward and unable to make normal small talk and put others at ease or make them like me. I do feel like I dont fit in, in this environment cause most people here seem outgoing. I would prefer a more studious or focused environment perhaps.

Any advice? Thank you.

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    You can compensate by being so nice and friendly that everyone likes you. This may sound simplistic, but if you put a happy smile on your face, greet everyone cheerfully and are always pleasant, people will like you. 

    I have worked with people like that. Even when they make mistakes everyone forgives them because they are nice. 

    It sounds as if you are an introvert though, so in the long run you should find something more suited to your temperament. Introverts do not do well in retail because they do not thrive on conversation. Look up introvert/ extravert personality types and careers. Good luck. 

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    Seek out a position in an environment that suits you better.

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    Maybe you're simply not suited for retail work, not everyone is. Retail = sales and constant interaction with people. That can be draining and even more so when you're already uncomfortable. Keep the job for now abd pursue something better suited to you and your talents, or look at this as a learning opportunity and develop a new skill set.

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    The article on the website below might interest you. 

    Source(s): 11/22 Young People Ask . . . How Can I Be More Outgoing?
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