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How do I learn to bite my tongue at work when I get angry with co workers? ?

I've had my job for almost 2 years now, this wasn't always a problem for me, but lately some of my co workers have been testing my patience. such as yelling at me for things I didn't do, or I would do something wrong and I would correct it but they still keep bringing it back up after I have already dealt with the mistake and fixed it and they just keep bringing it back up and talking to me with an aggressive tone because of it.

But sometimes my anger gets the best of me and I flip out on them and then I get written up for it. 

I really try my best to hold in my anger, but sometimes I just snap and cuss them out, and it puts my job at risk

How should I go about letting my anger out at work without getting myself in trouble if not fired? 

Because I really need this job, but some of my co workers are just really making it hard for me to keep my mouth shut 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    It would do you good if you just ignore them.

    Or get ear plugs.

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