How can I get italian citizenship?

I was born in Italy and lived there for 9 years before moving out of the country. I know that in order to get citizenship I would have had to live there up until 14 or 18 years old, if I recall correctly. 

What would I have to do now? Live and work there for a certain period of time? 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Only if at least one of your parents was a citizen of Italy at the time you were born do you have any claim to Italian citizenship. Birth in Italy is irrelevant as they do not allow jus solis (birth on the soil) claims. IF you did have any right to citizenship, you would have gotten it before you left. Obviously, you did not have any right to citizenship - you & your parents were on temporary visa, or...?

    Since you left as a child, your prior residency in Italy (even if you & your parents did hold legal permanent residency status back at that time), is irrelevant now. To immigrate, you would have to qualify under current immigration laws & visa regulations to live in Italy. And expect it could easily take 10 years or more to actually obtain citizenship IF you could qualify & get approved at each step of the visa/immigration process. 

    The first step would be, for example, to qualify for a temporary employment visa - with education, training, experience in a shortage occupation & finding an employer qualified to apply for your temporary employment visa prior to entering Italy. Then you have to register your visa after arrival to get temporary permission to reside, renew that as required, if you hang onto your job. Perhaps eventually you could get legal permanent residency status, but expect that to take several years. 

    Getting Italian citizenship is easy for those whose parents or grandparents were Italian citizens. It's very difficult otherwise. Italy has rather convoluted procedures, and even registering for your permeso di soggiorno requires long lines & lots of time to deal with the bureaucracy.

  • Maxi
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    4 weeks ago

    Your previous years of living in Italy are irrelevant, you left and clearly was not eligible for citizenship otherwise you would have got it then.......... so you read the Italian immigration website and it will tell you the various ways to gain legal citizenship

  • 4 weeks ago

    You'd have to qualify for a visa to live there (ie work or spouse), then live there for several years.

    Your previous residency is now irrelevant.

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