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Do you think Scorpios deserve the extremely high amount of hatred they get?

I know that all of the twelve zodiac signs have haters, but Scorpio is obviously the MOST hated and abhorred zodiac sign. But, do they really deserve to be hated a lot more than *every* other zodiac sign?? Honestly, I think it is not understandable and hard to figure out. It is true that Scorpios have some negative qualities, but they are not the *worst* people anyway because there are bad people in every zodiac sign as all zodiac signs have their own bad traits, but also their own good traits. Why is it that many people hate them with a passion even though everybody have faults? It seems like Scorpios are the most hated of all zodiac signs. Are Scorpios really the worst??

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  • Libra
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    4 weeks ago

    What is your source for this statement. I am a tarot reader and I have never heard that Scorpios are the most heated sign of the zodiac, nor have I ever read it. 

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    No, i dont think so, scorpio just have an hard time in this world, and i think that scoprios are misunderstood and underrated. but you hear enough good things, you are passionate,strong will,empatic,beautiful,magnetic,imagenitive, loyal, good friends, good sense of humour or sarcasme, energetic, mysterious, nothing bad about the scorpios,. In my opnion capricorns is more hated, they seem the most, boring,ugly,mean,selfish and there is nothing good about them than only their hard work, and thats about it!

  • 4 weeks ago

    The most hated for the men is Gemini.

    The most hated for the women is Scorpio.

  • 4 weeks ago

    I hadn't heard that. My father was a Scorpio. I see the sign of Scorpio as being a formidable one. Have you ever been on the receiving of a Scorpio ambush? When you least expect it, they ambush you.  No, I don't think Scorpios deserve to be hated.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    >Why is it that many people hate them with a passion even though everybody have faults? It seems like Scorpios are the most hated of all zodiac signs. Are Scorpios really the worst??<

    There is some truth that many think this way, and I'm going to go out on a limb here and hazard an educated guess.  We need to go back to 17th century England for the source of this Scorpio hatred although we will be discussing rising signs as Sun sign astrology was 300 years in the future.  William Lilly was and is England's most famous astrologer.  He was at the height of his contemporary fame during the English Civil War where he took the side of Parliament.  John Gadbury had also developed an excellent (although somewhat undeserved) reputation as a fine English astrologer and he took the side of the King in that same war.  Lilly and Gabury both became the chief political propagandists for their respective sides.

    For centuries it was claimed, and quasi refuted, that Lilly was once Gadbury's astrology teacher, but because Gadbury never admitted it, and Lilly never said it outright historians were never certain.  Today, due to some painstaking research, it is almost certain that Lilly did teach Gadbury.  What is certain is that they engaged in a battle of astrologers in the press and pamphlets that was and is wildly entertaining. During that battle Gadbury went after Lilly based on Lilly's chart - a chart that has never been validated. He used it to "prove" Lilly was an inferior overrated astrology hack.  Lilly initially ignored him but eventually fired back. However, despite his knowing that Gadbury had Scorpio rising, he did not mention him by name, but all readers knew and know to whom he was referring:

    "The sign in this figure (chart) is Scorpio, a sign stigmatized by all ancient and modern practisers (sic) in astrology to be of evil signification, whether it concern the manners of the native in a nativity* or is rising in any horary question, or in the revolution of the world:** it is a signam falstatis, a sign of falsity denoting the person to be arrogant, ambitious, ingrateful (sic), a great boaster, lier (sic) letcherous (sic) , prejured (sic), given to all manner of vice and lewdness, revengeful, the worst sign of the zodiac; ..."

    What Lilly did was to take all the negative traits he could think of that were associated with Mars, ruler of Scorpio, and attribute those and those only to the sign. 

    On balance Lilly won the battle of words and Gadbury was eventually discovered to meet some of Lilly's description.  He was arrogant, ambitious and particularly ungrateful especially toward Lilly.  Later it would be proven that Gadbury "rectified" charts so that he could say the things he wanted others to believe about an individual because he couldn't find it in their actual charts.  His booklet "The Nativity of King Charls (sic)" is a classic example.  It was written after Charles I execution, and it is still a fawning, slobbering piece of nonsense compared to the real Charles.  We only know the approximate, within a few hours) actual time of Charles' birth and the one selected by Gadbury isn't even close.

    However, because of Lilly's reputation, the reputation of Scorpio stuck.  I've seen rectifications of Adolph Hitler's chart, where the astrologer strained, so he could have Scorpio on the ASC and not Libra, which is what it is. People want to believe the worst of Scorpio, and my guess, for whatever it is worth, William Lilly is to blame.

    *"Manners" in astrology can refer to a few different things depending on the author and the era the word was used.  It is often a planet determined by some formula.  In this case I think Lilly is most referring to the ASC since he's discussing a sign

    **Solar Return

    Source(s): William Lilly The Last Magician, Peter Stockinger & Sue Ward 2014,
  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

     I've never once met one Scorpio that I "hated" but, I've met a few that I didn't like. Most of them are genuine with their feelings and intentions, and would be one of first to say they don't agree with something. 

  • Snoopy
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    1 month ago

    I am pretty sure some really do. I don't really understand the meaning of the word "worst" and "best" and some people can't change and really have no idea why someone would use it all the time either, but accepting that we are not perfect should rather come from ourselves not from others, therefore as long as you are self-aware of your actions, it's what matters. I have no idea what "Scorpio" really means. People do wrong, and I do not know if it's really because of their zodiac sign, being that I am not really a believer, but maybe an astrologer could answer to that. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Astrology is a first cousin to racism. No one picks their birthday. Why give any respect to a concept that clearly fails far more than it succeeds? Anecdotal claims?

    Demand strong evidence before committing to belief. Astrology doesn’t have it .

  • They dont get as much as Aquarius does, cornered and killed.. 

  • 1 month ago

    No. I'm Scorpio. If you speak to many of my family members they will tell you I'm a miserable person. I've helped many of them but when I needed help nobody was there for me. I cut all of them out of my life (including siblings) except for my mother and a few out of state cousins. 

    I expected at least some loyalty and a little help after everything I did for them, but got none. So now I'm the miserable one who holds grudges, is unforgiving, etc, but they made me that way!

    Don't judge Scorpios by negative opinions from others, find out for yourself. They can be the most loyal, protective, helpful, caring people you will ever meet, but don't betray them.

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