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In rebuttal to @AJ- So tell us how many anonymous anti-Trump questions with no valid link do YOU report?

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    Update- so you admit you're a hypocrite? And no, this question is not reportable since they removed the comments.

  • A.J.
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    4 weeks ago

    I extremely rarely report any questions or answers. My reporting is only questions and answers that insult users, pornographic, or a few highly racist. This question is reportable, but I let it slide.

    I'm just bored of stupid questions of false information, mostly from Russian trolls and Trump campaign paid. Anonymous was intended for personal information, and instead it is a shield to post trash. I've answered actually about 70,000 questions in 9 years. My ID was attacked a couple of years ago. Points are correct. B/A % and number of answers incorrect. Power users don't report questions or answers unless clear rules violation. 

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