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Should the people who pose the question here choose their own correct answer?

They might as well just write the answer themselves 


I probably should’ve mentioned that I generally don’t award the correct answer for my questions. Sometimes when I am absolutely sure it’s factually correct. Ambiguous questions that reveal biases I don’t award, anyone that does that is dishonest. Many of the questions where the answer is awarded by the asker are dishonest answers here. Interesting nonetheless because all answers reveal the state of our humanity or more often lack there of. 

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    Yes, the user who asked the question should decide which answer was the most helpful to them. Back when the community could vote for BA, there were just as many answers selected for BA that weren't necessarily the 'best' (if correct/appropriate at all). 

    If you don't like the way the site is programmed, the place to make suggestions is the feedback forum (click the Send Feedback link at the bottom right of the page). 


  • LAN
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    4 weeks ago

    Why would anyone care?   Grow up and worry about more important things in life.

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    I think they choose their preferred answer rather than the correct answer. Some choose the answer that best reflects their own bias. Some choose the answer that casts a different perspective on the subject and makes them think. Some choose the answer that is the most amusing. Then there are the people with more than one account who answer their own question and award themselves the 'best answer'.  There are sad people out there, and some of them are on Yahoo Answers.

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  • A.J.
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    The questions became mostly bad one in politics and religion, and a lot of answers are just sock accounts. Y/A is dying from the changes they put in place.

    Many are people choosing their own answers.

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    Like if I should enjoy a lobster tail?

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