What is best business w/gaming PC?

IT friend says there are monitors w/split 4 pages now. Which is best IYO and do you know if separate towers are obsolete or too early in tech?  Drive as part of the monitor wireless even for including gaming with business?  What would you suggest?


Want to display pages, save space and forget the wires.

Update 2:

I'd ask friend but he's always MIA.

Update 3:

Hey thanks Spock - Called Dell this morning, they said four pages on one monitor is a software configuration they provide with package.  Same as what you said I'm sure.  They gave me wireless comp system where drive is part of the monitor with all the bells & whistles. 

Thank you for your explanation.

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    the monitors aren't what allows 4 separate and different screens at once ... that is a feature of the graphics card.  if your friend didn't make this clear, he isn't knowledgeable enough to be advising you.  Four separate monitors usually requires quite a high end card ... or two lesser cards installed in the same machine and each supporting two monitors.  READ a lot of reviews to gather more understanding

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