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Mixed signals..So confused. ?

I started talking to a guy intimately who I met through work & he also showed signs of romance with texting me when i worked & sending the blow/wink kiss emoji & calling me a cute pet name. We were due to meet but life got in the way (his dad became ill / had to look after his kids). Suddenly he started to go cold & not read my messages & said he needed to sort his head out (His dad was taken ill & he had family & work issues from what know) but in work he still stared at me & when I tried to give him space he tried his best to be where i was so he could acknowledge etc. I now leave the job & he now gone off work with depression. I have started to give him space. Do you think he will text eventually

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    He is probably dealing with grief. There is no cure for grief. There is not long left for him to live.

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