Are we wrong for picking with her while her kid is at our house? ?

Yesterday my baby's father ran into his ex walking with their son. He told her to get in MY CAR and then she posted a video saying , "This dude is following me, y'all.! So he took her phone. She's been also saying that he's gay, he's jealous because we kept her son clothes, she was depressed, and why am I messing with her blah blah. we also told her that she's not getting her son back. She thinks I'm" jealous" of her because I'm already with her ex, but honestly I'm not! I just don't like her attitude.  Yes we kept the clothes she bought for their son and yes, we threw away his stroller and bought another one that don't roll. Lol that is what she gets. Maybe if she kept her mouth shut, we wouldn't be picking with her. I like it when he takes my side and not hers. I know what he's doing and obviously I don't care because I'll just stress her out instead. 🙃Are we wrong for picking with her? Lol

2 Answers

  • 4 weeks ago

    This is common in Troll society.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Yes, you are wrong. You need to get a lawyer, and get custody of the boy. She sounds nuts, but you are not helping yourselves, by doing what you are doing to her.

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