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how to attract a shy girl?

There's a girl from the next building that I'm very interested in. I think she might be interested too. I've begun to say "hi" and "bye" to her, but she always leaves with her coworkers, so i can't really start a convo. How can I get to know and attract this shy girl?


I can tell by the way we make eye contact that i think she's interested, hence I'm trying to start talking to her by greeting her.

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    I don't really know why some answers here are making this more complicated than it is. It is pretty simple really. She already recognizes you. Just go up to her and actually introduce yourself (not just 'hi' or 'bye') and have a 2-3 minute conversation with her then ask her to join you for coffee somewhere (this isn't a date). No need to waste your time doing pointless things like writing her 'notes' or becoming friends with her friends and then hoping something will happen. Either you make a move or nothing will happen and you will just waste your time with 'hi and 'bye' and pointless smiles that lead you nowhere.

    Introduce yourself. Talk 2-3 minutes. Ask her to join you for coffee.

    Simple, not needy and no dating pressure.

    If you really want to take it a step forward, you could tell her you find her really pretty or she has nice eyes after you introduce yourself. This will make her feelings spike up.

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    4 weeks ago

    When you say Hi, try to get some more conversation in, even if its about the weather. When saying bye, tell her to have a good day/night.

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    Try a silly harmless note and a smile everyday. You may just connect. Shy people have trouble expressing interest to someone they dont know. They feel too vunerable. Dont push fast or hard. Do not pass on a school dance invite for her or give up after a nearing one. Try soft. Be a gentleman.

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    Magnets. Just hold one near one and theyle be attracted.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Ask her if she'd like to see your wiener.  This approach has been very successful for Bill Clinton and Joe Biden.

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    4 weeks ago

    All you have said to each other is "hi" and "bye" and you think she's into you? 

    Edit : just to let you know shy girls are a lot of work which is why I don't go for them anymore. Become friends with her coworkers and ask them about her interest. 

    Or become friends with her friends show them that you are a good guy and they'll set you up with her if you say you're interested.

    Or you could do what I do these day just work out 10 hours a day every day. And girls will approach you instead.

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