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Is joining Amway a smart business move? ?

I was recruited by a guy I met at a career fair, I was fresh out of college and he told me about how he was “mentored,” by some guy that’s now financially free and does whatever he wants. I continued talking to him and now he’s mentioning network marketing with Amway.. honestly it looks really shady to me. 

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    You are right, it is shady...look it all up research Amway and how it truly works.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    TRUST that perception!

    I've had Two experiences with Amway hucksters & neither of them good.

    When your looking for a job your looking for a frkn Job right?

    And between jobs Time is money with the clock ticking & time running out before living expenses have to be paid.

    Long story short I answered an add once & the other time was a flyer about needing help with a business with some pretty attractively numbered income potential.

    Showed up on time & for over a frkn Hour & a half going on two hours the as*holes yammered on & on before even speaking the word "Amway" & that it actually requires a frkn Investment!

    I'll spare you the details of what I said to the 'Third' Amway huckster I encountered, but recognizing the spiel & set-up after only One minute just getting him to Admit that he was hawking Amway was like an exercise in evasive semantics negotiating  for a nickel at the bottom of a jar of spiders! 

    So BEWARE of those high-energy testimonial recruitment traps that take forever to get to the frkn point.

    Especially when they go on & on like beaming religious fanatics spinning tall tails of their success but always conspicuously avoiding the details because "the Devil' is ALWAYS in the 'Details".

    And there is no platitude more truthful than "If it looks or sounds too good to be true,,IT IS".

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    That's because it IS extremely shady. Amway is essentially a pyramid scheme.

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