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Gridiron ?

I’m 14 and from Australia, I can throw a nfl ball about 40 metres with perfect spiral and on target. I have not played a game but am looking at joining a club. Is that a good distance and how can I improve?

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  • Cu Tie
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    Yes, considering your age, that is a good distance. However, the best way for you to improve your throwing abilities is to throw regularly. My best advice for you is to throw a football 40-50 times per day at a specific target, with 80% of them being normal, medium-range throws, and the other 20% being long range throws. Doing this will help improve your arm strength, while greatly reducing your risk of injury. Obviously, throwing at a specific target will greatly improve your accuracy.

  • Mike W
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    4 weeks ago

    The trick is being able to throw that far accurately to a moving target, while running for  your life.  

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    A meter is basically a yard.  A 40 yard throw in the air...are we talking about a rainbow, or does that 40 have some velocity?  If you can throw 40 with velocity, then that's excellent for an amateur.  Otherwise, it's fairly average I think.  

    But here's the thing, distance isn't the hard or important part.  Accuracy at hitting moving targets with varying trajectories is what's more important.  Practice with a friend running the route tree.  Corners, Posts, Fly patterns, ins, outs, hooks, crosses and slants.  You should be throwing BEFORE your friend makes his cuts, and you want the ball to come down so he can run through the catch without stopping...well, except on hooks where stopping is the point.  But the ball should arrive just as he's geared down...not after, not before.

    But don't expect to just walk in an be the quarterback.  There's probably one more experienced than you in whatever club you join.  Be open to other positions. And there's a lot more to quarterbacking than just the throwing.  The throwing is actually the easy part.

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