What is the easiest way to get Australia PR Visa 189?

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    You must have essential education, training, experience, expertise in an occupation in short supply & be INVITED to apply for immigration, instead of obtaining a job with a sponsoring employer for temporary employment visa. Costs start at AUD4045 for the application fee - expect to spend a lot more. And expect the application processing to take a year - after covid restrictions end. 

    To get on immigration's radar & have any hope of an invitation to immigrate, expect to be an internationally renowned expert, Nobel Prize winner, etc. Why would Australia want you over 7.8 billion others on the planet? Your chances of being invited are on the order of one in a billion or two.With covid vastly accelerating the trend to remote working, anybody with the high-level education, training, experience, skills, etc, probably can do their job remotely from within their own country. Expect the "work abroad" job market to be permanently impacted, and not just in the US. For US, already 35% of workers were self-employed, freelance, contract/per-project workers, and working from home as of 2019 - pre-covid! This is a worldwide trend which has been developing for 2-3 decades already, and it took a vast leap this year. Does the work you do have to be done in-person on-site? Expect any job which can be done remotely to be removed from eligibility for employment visas/immigration in short order. 

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