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Have you ever heard of the Peking Boulevard?

It was a very famous airplane. 

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    Yes I have, The Peking Boulevard was a small plane favored by the tiny island nation of Eyemahretard in the south Pacific. As World War 2 was ramping up, every available person on the island was trained to fly the Peking Boulevard.  Unfortunately they hadn't mastered reading a compass, and on their first bombing run, they completely destroyed their entire island. With nowhere left to land, they were forced to ditch their planes into the ocean. All of the airmen, and all of the civilians were wiped out on that first and fateful day of the war. The only known photograph of a Peking Boulevard is posted below. Why do you ask, did Ancestry. com tell you that you're a descendant from that tiny island nation?

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     The Japanese flew them in Woeld War 2 Unfortunately none of the pilots survived and could not come back and suggest improvements. Just about all were shot down by US Navy and Marine pilots. 

    Pilots who survived being shot down became a buffet mean for the sharks

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