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What is an extended illness?

Could the coronavirus be an extended illness?

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    Yes, it could, most especially if its extended. Nick Cordero, for example, got sick with COVID-19 sometime in early March, became hospitalized with it on March 30 and was put on a ventillator and dialysis from it causing lung and kidney failure, lost his right leg to it on April 18, woke up on May 13, had holes found in his lungs from it on June 2, and then died of it on July 5. That's well over 3 months of being sick, 95 of them in a hospital, so, yeah, for him, COVID-19 was an extended illness, an extended terminal illness, even.

    To actually know what "extended illness" means in a context, you need to look to see how it's defined in that context. An employer might define "extended illness" as an illness that requires you to, for example, miss three or more days of work. A government program, however, may define "extended illness" as an illness that prevents you from working for at least a year. Since "extended" is such a vague term, if you don't know what's meant by it, then you need to look to the source, either by researching within it to find a definition or by asking whoever is saying it or writing it to find out what they mean by it.

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