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Why do leftists think that rioting and destroying private property is a form of protest?

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    I am a conservative but it is a form of protest (an illegal form). That said, many of the rioters, looters causing destruction and theft of private property aren't actually "protestors", they are not doing it for any cause but using the cause to do their illegal activity. Their hypocrisy is seen when they claim to be out for BLM as they burn and loot a black owned business.

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    It may be protest, but it's illegal. They aren't protesting to show disapproval though. They're protesting as a profession to "stop" Trump winning. They are so turned around and so full of hate they think this is going to work. In fact, it's driving people to him. If it was being reported truthfully, there would be no point in having an election since Biden couldn't possibly win.

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    Because it is. 

    But I guess you don’t agree with things like the Boston Tea Party. Traitor. 

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    First of MAGA

    They do not believe this, but it is there last hope. "Never let a good crisis go to waste" in hopes it scares people enough

    Well, the reverse happened so instead of hidin Biden losing, he will get DEMOLISHED


    LMAO at your utter loser mentality


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    There is lawful protest and there is unlawful protest. of course, if there is unlawful protest, the system will attempt to jail the people responsible. This happened during the french revolution where the poor were arrested for protesting. It also happened in Rome when the Jews uprose against the Romans. It happened in the civil rights movement of the 60s and 70s. Its happening now. Most unlawful protests led to the advancement of human rights, and the creation of civil liberties. People are complaining about property damage and rioting, but not about loss of human life. the first amendment of the constitution clearly states that civilians may protest, whether it be lawful or unlawful but politicians have added additional laws to allow imprisonment and jail time and classified unlawful protesting as rioting. Which to this day has discouraged people from protesting to the extent of a revolution.

    Source(s): history
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    As someone else stated, it is a form protest, in the sense that they're expressing their disproval to what they feel are injustices. What you may be thinking is why do they see it as a reasonable form of protest. The answer is they're not thinking anything, they're simply filled with rage due to the media grooming them. Destroying stores, committing vandalism and theft are not going to stop police shootings, any rational thinking person would understand that. In order for change to come, you have to inspire it... and they know darn well there isn't anything inspiring about the crap they're doing.

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    Why do right-wing nutjobs think they know what leftists are thinking?  You are not going to get accurate information from Trump or from Fox News.

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    It is a form of protest but a stupid, inappropriate, illegal,  and counterproductive one. There are many ways to protest.  Peaceful forms of protest are more effective.  BTW being illegal isn't always a bad thing.  Peacefully sitting at a lunch counter or on a bus in violation of unjust laws are examples.

    Seems I remember an act of destroying private property being taught as laudable protest when I was in grammar school.  Something about polluting Boston harbor with tea.

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    They don't. BLM founders denounced those actions. Those handful of times are when the crowd was so large it went out of control. That can happen with any large group like when the Philly Eagles won their Superbowl.

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