How do I replace my existing SSD with a new one and install Widows 10 with the original software disk?

I have my original windows 10 Disk that cam with my PC so I have the product key. I'm just going from a 250 to a 1 TB SDD.

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  • 1 month ago

    Just unplug and plug it and screw it out and screw it in in from the inside of the computer and make sure to check what kind  plug your old SSD had   (sata  IDE etc) if the new one doesn't have the same kind of port for the plug  you'll be in trouble.

  • David
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    If you simply want to replace the SSD with a bigger one and reinstall windows 10, then swap out the SSDs - how you do this depends on whether you have a desktop or laptop. Next you need to insert the Windows 10 disk. 

    Restart the computer and then you need to  boot off the Windows 10 disc to start the install process. Enter your Windows 10 key when requested.

    If you want to copy the contents of the old SSD to the new one then you will need to clone the old SSD to the new. If the new SSD doesn’t come with the free cloning program can download a free program called Macrium Reflect (google it) for this purpose. 

    You then need to fit the new drive or use a USB caddy. Perform the clone according to the clone instructions, then swap out the drives and you should be done.

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