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Why is my left front turn signal not working?

The left front turn signal for my 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT 3.8 motor will only work when my headlights are off. As soon as I turn on my headlights, the front turn signal will not flash at all and it will sometimes blink fast if I have the left turn signal on while I turn the headlights on and off. When the headlights are on, the rear left turn signal blinks fast and when the headlights are off, it works fine. The right side works fine whether the headlights are on or off.

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    It is a probably a bad ground on the assembly.

  • First, check the bulb. Burned out turn signal bulbs generally make the good bulbs blink faster so you know something is burned out. If this doesn't fix the problem, the turn signal lever switch assembly may be defective, because it operates the turn signals and headlights, or there may be a short circuit or a bad ground in the electrical system. It takes a lot of checking with a ten dollar volt meter to find bad grounds and short circuits, but there is no end of YouTube videos to tutor you. I use them all the time.

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