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I eat fast food A LOt?

I’m a cross country runner and run about 4-5 days per week.

I’m a fairly good weight, 5’4.5 135, 17, and female

(although i wish i was 115-120)

Even though i’m extremely active my

guilty pleasure is. FAST FOOD

(Chick-fil-a and taco bell mainly)

I can eat taco bell up to 4 days per week and cfa and a burger once a week maybe. I don’t gain weight because i run but i almost feel i have a fast food addiction.

When should i be concerned?

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    You should be concerned now. Just because you aren't carrying excess fat from your 5 - 6 days a week of fast food consumption, doesn't mean it's not impacting you from the inside. Limit that stuff to 1 - 2x a week, tops. Eat healthy at least 80% of the time. Your body needs certain nutrients it can't get from fast food, and eating that stuff nearly every day of the week leaves only your breakfasts and suppers to provide you with ALL the vitamins/minerals and good nutrition your body needs (and somehow, I doubt all your b'fasts and dinners are super healthy).


    Moderation is key. FF shouldn't be a staple in anyone's diet. 

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    You can't out train a bad diet!

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    Yes, you should be concerned.  Just because you are not feeling the effects of fast food now, does not mean you won't in the future. You are not going to be 17 forever.  And while you are young and your body can take the hits, sooner or later you are going to pay the price.  Fast foods these days are loaded with sodium, saturated fats, and very high in simple carbs. But they contain next to zero essential nutrients.

    There is a common fallacy people have in that they think if they exercise, then they can eat whatever they want. If you exercise, then it is even more important that you eat right and give your body the proper nourishment.

    However, eating right and healthy does not mean you can never have the "bad" stuff. But it does mean you cannot have them everyday and it is better if you don't have them every week.

    Another thing to keep in mind is why you keep eating those fast food. There is a phrase "empty calories" which refers to foods that are loaded with calories and have next to no real nutrients. They fill you up fast, but once your body sorts through it and finds nothing of value, it makes you hungry again. What many people (like you) then do is eat the same things again, fill up, and get hungry again, getting caught up in this vicious cycle. Hunger does not mean you did not eat enough - it means you did not give your body what it needs.

    Have your fast food, but not everyday and try to not have it every week. Eat well balanced healthy meals to get  a range of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and complex carbs.  Now, is the time in your life to cultivate good eating habits, because the bad habits are going to be next to impossible to break when you are older and your body can no longer take it. It will be pure hell trying to break a near lifetime of fast food addiction when you are older.

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    First, as enjoyable as fast food is, you need to understand that eating fast food, soft drinks (even diet), and even non-fast food that is highly processed isn't healthy.  As an athlete you should understand that your body needs fuel to function well.  Consuming calories that are devoid of nutritional value but high in carbs, seed oils, food additives, etc. isn't wise.

    Anytime you crave or feel powerless around a type of food, then you want to really look hard at what's going on and find ways to take back control over your food choices.  

    Weight isn't the best or only measure of fitness, health, clothing size, popularity, intelligence, etc.  That noted, losing 10 pounds of fat take 40 pounds of pressure off of your knees and ankles.  Over time, extra weight can result in increased risk of osteoarthritis in your joints.  

    Another reality is that you will never burn more calories than you are now.  As your running career ends and your body matures, your are much more likely to put on weight if you continue to consume lost of fast food and eat more calories than your body is burning each day.

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    Well if you want to be 15-20 lbs less, fast food almost every day is probably not the best way to go. Eat healthy 5 days a week and have fast food on week ends only. That way you are sure to slowly get down to the weight you want to be . Also remember to count calories especially on the week ends of having fast food, don’t over do it.

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