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How do I find puppies to buy?

I don't want to go to animal shelter because I don't know where the puppies were before ether shelter, they might be traumatized. I am looking for puppies, something like Craigslist. Aside from Craigslist every website I see they only sell older dogs.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    • "How do I find puppies to buy?"

    We'd have to be personal FRIENDS of yours for us to know THAT answer. You've asked how DO you (Crimson) find pups, instead of something like:

    ● "WHERE can I look to find pups suitable to buy to be my ****** ?"

    (with the ****** holding a place for you to write what you want a pup to do with you NOW, and to do FOR you when it is an adult that you have trained.)

    So far, it looks as though you DON'T find them.

    It also seems unlikely that you are READY yet to have the responsibility of choosing, then caring for & socialising & training, a pup.

    So I'm going to ask you some questions. To answer them:

    ☆ click the [Edit] under your question, then

    ☆ click the [Add Update] that will appear, followed by

    ☆ typing your responses into the clear area that will emerge.

    💥Q1: What BREED or breed-mix do you seek? Dog or bìtch? To be kept fertile, or to be neutered as soon as it is full-sized? (Without knowing the BREED I cannot estimate the earliest that it could be safely neutered.)

    Depending on where you currently live and what you currently do:

    💥Q2: Do you have your parents'/landlord's/flatmates' permission to keep that kind of dog here?

    💥Q3: Does you property have a back door opening straight into a safely-fenced back yard?

    💥Q4: Are you able to take 2 or more weeks off school/work to stay home 24/7 helping Pup to like & TRUST you, while YOU concentrate 100% on PUP the whole time it is awake, to learn its "timings" (How long after: 1: waking? 2: eating or sleeping? 3: exercise or play?) and its signal (usually an anxious, head-down sniffing in a circle - but some dogs have their own individual signal) for "Wanna go TOILET!" so you can instantly pick Pup up, talk cheerfully to it as you head for the designated doggy-toilet area. There you put it on the ground then stand boringly still-&-silent until Pup remembers what it wanted to do, so DOES it. Whereupon you excitedly PRAISE (e.g.: "Donny went TOILET! Clever Donny TOILET! Good boy Donny TOILET!") and REWARD (rubs on the croup or between the front legs. If you came prepared, it might be followed by a taste-treat such as a pea-sized bit of hard cheese, or a game of Ball-Chase, or Tug-o'-War with a thin rope) Pup before taking him/her back inside.

    💥Q5: On your busiest day, how long would Pup be "home alone"? WHERE will it be during that period?

    💥Q6: Do you have TRANSPORT to (a) take Pup to-&-from the vet for check-ups & vaccinations, and (b) take Pup to-&-from a weekly training class where YOU will get COACHED for about about a year starting when Pup is 18-to-22 weeks old?

    💥Q7: What do you want Pup to DO for you once it is a trained adult?

    (See: and - more to the point: )

    Okay - assuming that you are SUITABLE right now to be a dog-owner, we move on....

    • "I don't want to go to animal shelter because I don't know where the puppies were before ether shelter, they might be traumatized. I am looking for puppies, something like Craigslist. Aside from Craigslist every website I see they only sell older dogs."

    I DO wish people would throw out that prissy term "animal shelter". In most cases it is the City Pound, or an animal-rescue organisation such as an SPCA.

    But without the answers to my 7 💥-marked questions I'd be wasting my time to do more than say there are 5 sources of dogs:

    🤴🏽1: High class dog breeders who do ALL the testing & certificating recommended by the main organisation for their BREED. They register all their pups with the nation's one internationally recognised kennel club (if you're a Yank or a Reb, only the AKC counts), and provide a printed & signed Guarantee stating the compensation you will receive if your vet diagnoses a genetic disorder during the first so-many years (at least 3, but rarely past 10 years old, depending on the breed's typical life-span). Naturally (find out what various blood or DNA or x-ray tests cost!) they are expected to be the most expensive source. But those who fit this category have also spent a LOT of TIME and MONEY training, and competing in breed-appropriate competitions. And many of the last 3 categories try to charge as much as the PRIME kennels deserve. NEVER expect a Chihuahua, a Cocker Spaniel, a German Shepherd Dog, and a Great Dane to each perform the same task equally competently!

    😇2: The most reputable animal-rescue organisations, such as an SPCA. But they WILL insist on neutering your pet before letting you take it home. So their dogs are NOT suitable if you want to compete in dog shows such as Crufts or Westminster - unless it is the TRAINING competitions that interest you, in which case neutered pooches are fine even at the "top" such as Crufts.

    🤯3: Hobby breeders with a registered kennel-name and just ONE breed.

    🤢4: Ignorant BYBers(= Back Yard Breeders), and City Pounds.

    😝5: Con-artists, Puppy Millers - several of them deliver to you so that you never meet even the dam, NEVER learn their real home address, just their cell-phone number (which they trash whenever someone becomes a nuisance to them).

    I'll be back in about 24 hours to see whether you have supplied needed data.

    Kreaky Kiwi - first pup in 1950, GSD trainer & breeder as of Easter 1968

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Most animal shelters advertise on Facebook.  That would be a good place to look for a puppy first.  Dogs usually don’t get traumatized unless they experience years of abuse, so puppies wouldn’t have that problem.  Good luck!

  • 1 month ago

    Puppies are not very likely to be abused.  The puppies are raised by a foster home & when they turn 8 weeks old they are put up for adoption.  If you do adopt, you get the puppy Vetted, it's first shots in a series of 3 shots 2 to 3 weeks apart, spayed/neutered or a certificate to have it done, chipped.  If you buy from a BYBer you would have to pay for all that,  close to a thousand bucks.  So you are better off adopting from a shelter, pound or rescue, than buying from a BYBer.

    You can search for small breed dog rescues, large breed dog rescue, Poodle rescues or what ever kind of rescue you thing you would like.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    contact a breeder is your best option.

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  • 1 month ago

    Animal shelters DO have good puppies and dogs, and they rarely get them from puppy mills. You also might be saving a life if you adopt from a shelter because in a lot of shelters if an animal is in there for a long time they'll get euthanized. You could also get a puppy from a breeder but you'd have to research what type to get

  • Maxi
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    1 month ago

    So you would rather purchse a pup from a BYB which is what you will find on craiglist who breed to make money from substandard parents......... contact the KC get their list of registered breeders in your breed of choice

  • 1 month ago

    Decide on your breed and find a reputable breeder - usually best via the relevant Breed Club as they have Codes of Ethics which should rule out you finding a BYB.

    On the other hand, if you are in the right place at the right time, adopt from your local Shelter.   Puppies in Sheltlers find homes fast (and they are NOT traumatised) so you do have to be lucky to find a litter available.

  • 1 month ago

    Course u would now if there were traumatizes coz u wnt a virgin puppy ya ugly bastard

  • 1 month ago

    You are misguided in your concerns.  In fact, so-called puppy mills, where dogs are bred for having puppies that are sold are often the harbingers of diseased and abused dogs.  You are much better off to seek dogs that have been turned into and looked after by shelters like SPCA and ASPCA, or similar dog shelters.  Craigslist is the last place I would see a puppy.

  • 1 month ago

    Again...  Decide on a breed.   Google the national breed club for that breed.   You can get a breeder referral from there.

    AKC also has a marketplace on their website

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