2002 BMW 325 Xi  ?

What causes a gasket to go bad or is it just a the cheap one I bought that made no sense of it....

the internal intake temperature today was 170 while sitting after driving around and about 100 when driving highways speed I'm thinking that's a gasket leak and some smoke and dry oil on the shield to the bottom left of the back of the valve cover gasket 

the ABS and Brake lights are always on not allowing me to engage the wheel speed clutch differential or the DSC it's always lit up on the dash no way to turn it on or off

would some hair line fracture as to speak or so to speak cause the gasket to warp more often even with a new gasket 

other than that no engine over heating just the intake and the rest from above that I mentioned starting to look like me when I was 9 there and not good it's a reference to the Ultimate Mutant Baby Machine I was never to be that costly lol hated that cartoon in School just encase someone needed a laugh IDK... somehow I didn't know I'd fail to notice what delays me might save me that Poor Princess of Russia almost became famous to like (baby) oh how simply put however who knows why.... too bad she's here now and everybody is mutated enough said to LMAO 


however that story is as old as 2002 was concerned IDK probably looked to discrete however such odd combinations to make me more discreet than a baby made from nowhere that's always morbid if like uhh never mind 

Update 2:

my skater cack didn't help either yeah we all know how hilarious they are right and the DC notice to that just fell into category and like how car commercials aren't supposed to be discreet enough however that's not that car and is to however still gonna be discrete like they wanna be and yeah enough said all in context just where areas exist I can only be unwittingly there that character is like that somewhere I didn't know he was there either til way later on now what LOL

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