What is the longest Field Goal kicked in the NFL that wasn't in Denver.?

We all know Field Goals in Denver are easier because of the thinner air in the Mile High City.

But how about outside Denver?

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    Tom Dempsey of the Saints had a 63 yd fied goal as did Graham Gano, David Akers and Brett Maher none of which were in Denver.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Tom Dempsey of the New Orleans Saints nailed a 63-yarder in 1970 against the Detroit Lions.

    Source(s): I vaguely remember seeing that game.
  • Mike W
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    4 weeks ago

    Tom Dempsey, New Orleans Saints, 63 yards Tulane Stadium, November 8, 1970.   Elevation was 16 feet. 

  • Tom Dempsey kicked a 63 Yard Field Goal for The New Orleans Saints in New Orleans over 50 Years ago. I think The Saints were playing The Atlanta Falcon.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    The difference in air drag is so minimal as to be negligible. Even the lightest breeze has more effect. So you thinking that's why the longest field goal so far was kicked in Denver is unfounded. But in answer to your question, the second-longest field goal, only one yard shorter, was kicked in New Orleans, which is at seal-level and where air is thickest, thus punching a hole in your little theory because if what you were saying had any truth to it, field goal records would tend to fall in decreasing order by the altitude of the city in which they were kicked, but they don't.

    63 Yards - Tom Dempsey - New Orleans Saints - 1970 - Tulane Stadium

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