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Snake started hiding alot?

So recently I have not seen my snake at all, I have not seen her since Sunday and I dont know whats wrong, usually she is exploring her tank. She might be shedding but I cant see if her eyes are milky to see if thats true, I have a cam set up in the tank and it detects motion and it has picked up nothing. Any ideas? She is a baby California Kingsnake and I have had her since Aug 18th and when she arrived they said she was 6 weeks old so shes a bit older now and has not shed for me yet. She eats great, last feed was this Friday. I have not held her since buying her and theres a towel around the tank and all the humidity and temps are correct with lots of hides.



So Friday is her normal feeding day so I put a pinky in there last night and usually she takes it within 10-20 mins but there was no sign of her for hours so I turned the lights off and went to bed. In the morning I checked the cam to see if she ate the pinky and she did! But then I noticed a weird gray thing beside the bowl for food so I took a peak with my real eyes and realized it was a shed! From what I could tell it was a full shed but I cant get it since she ate last night

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    You've had her for a little over a month, she's a baby, so this question is easy: she got used to her surroundings and now she's settling, and quite possibly about to shed or is digesting her meal in peace. No worries. When snakes are content and used to their surroundings, they will get into their own pattern and simply settle down. Mine are particularly active at night, or after a shed and when they are hungry. Most of the time, they are in their hides. When they are about to shed, I won't see them for a good week, then skin in the tank. 

    They use up a lot of energy to eat and to move, so she could just be conserving energy TO shed and digest. Baby snakes seem to get bigger and bigger with each passing day, and all that growing takes its toll, like any animal. 

    If this is her very first shed, she's trying to figure it out, too. Don't poke, don't prod, but if you still haven't seen her by this upcoming Sunday, lift the hide to make sure she's ok. I think she's about to shed, though.

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