Why do greatest hits albums often cut the songs short?

Like I recently bought Chris rea greatest hits, I love Chris rea, but many of the tracks on the album are edited down short? Not the original length, which is a great disappointment.

Why do the manufacturers do this?


Sorry I forgot to mention the album was on cd.

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  • James
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    4 weeks ago
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    This has not generally been my experience. The only time I found a song to be cut short on a greatest hits album was the removal of a guitar solo near the end of the song "Miracle" by Queen. But I never felt it fit with the song anyway; Queen purists might disagree, but the song actually works better without it.

    Sorry that Chris Rea's greatest hits album was largely edited. Maybe they'll release another greatest hits album a few years down the road with full-length tracks.

  • bill
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    4 weeks ago

    To get more tracks on the disc i guess.

  • If it's a Greatest Hits album then it's most likely that they've included the single mix that has been edited down to a more 'radio friendly' playing time and in all fairness the audience that these albums are aimed at are people who only want the hits as they heard them on the radio. 

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