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Is it rude to ask a window installer to get certain rooms done first?

My parents will be having their windows done soon.  The whole house is going to be done.  I asked them if maybe they could ask for the bathroom and kitchen to be done first since there is only one bathroom that four of us have to share since we’ll be there during the installation.  I asked also if maybe my room could be done after that because I work 12 hour days and would like to be able to come home and change out of my work clothes at least.  

My parents said “we don’t know how it works but we’ll just have to deal with it.”It doesn’t affect them because they don’t work and neither does my adult brother.  I’m the only one who will have to work around this.

I guess I just feel like as the paying customer, paying 20 thousand dollars, they should have somewhat of a say, right?  

I know there’s no way to avoid inconvenience but I would like to be able to come home and shower and change out of my work clothes at the very least and I don’t feel like that’s too much to ask.

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    Yes, you may ask. And it's not rude. It's simple logistics. The installers should do exactly what you want, when you want it--or I wouldn't hire them. 

    Your parents don't have to 'just take whatever comes' when it comes to contractors. Homeowners hire a contractor based on price and quality--not the contractor's desires--so go ahead and request that those rooms be done first for the family's convenience. It's not at all a bad thing!!

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    You (your family) order specific services and you pay for it, thus, you have the right to put some priorities. You can talk to contractors to specify what they should start from. It's Okay to explain your preferences to them. And it won't sound rude if you speak nicely and respectfully.

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    If you're paying, you 100% get to choose how the work is carried out (as long as there's no good reason for it to be done in another order)

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    no           .

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  • 4 weeks ago

    No, they work for you, they do what you want.

  • Mark
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    4 weeks ago

    I've had new windows installed.  They take out ALL the old windows first, then install all the new ones, then trim everything out.

    They do it this way as it's efficient and fast.  I've had them do a dozen windows and they generally have them out in about 1-2 hours (depending on crew size), and installed by the afternoon.

  • 1 month ago

    you can change in another room.  when my windows were done, it was 1 beginning to end, then the next.  if its a big job, they may have 2 crews working at once....a 1 bedroom condo took all day, a 2 story house may take 3 days if there is only 1 crew.

    they don't want to take out all windows at once, because if the fall behind and it gets late, they have a problem.  in my town, it is illegal to run power tools  or do any loud construction outside after dark...if they need to work outside, they have to be done by dark

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    You can ask, but that is probably not how they do the work.

    They probably don't do window 1 beginning to end, window 2 beginning to end, etc.

    More likely:

    - the take out all the old windows.

    - do any refab that needs to be done

    - place all the new windows

    - when that is done, they move on to enclosing, etc. 

  • Marty
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    1 month ago

    No it isn't rude. You pay them to do work that you want done so its reasonable to suggest where they start.

  • Barry
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    1 month ago

    I am sure they will be happy to oblige. Ask them early though as they may bring other windows to start with.

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