Experts,what experts? It is time again?

Brighton v Man Utd

Crystal Palace v Everton

Burnley v Southampton 

Sheff Utd v Leeds

Spurs v Newcastle

Man City v Leicester 

Liverpool  Arsenal 

Motherwell v Rangers 


Don't get too despondent SFC MARTIN

Update 2:

EI Absorbio De Ladron lngis   KEEP TAKING THE KNEE !

Update 3:

Hombre Sin Nombre AKA Oggmeista

I did it too but unlike Aces,i give 10 points 

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  • F
    Lv 6
    3 weeks ago
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    Brighton 1 Man Utd 2

    Palace 1 Everton 2

    Burnley 1 Southampton 0

    Sheff Utd 2 Leeds. 3

    Spurs 4 Newcastle 0

    Man City 3 Leicester 1

    Liverpool 2 Arsenal 2

    Motherwell 0 Rangers 3

  • aces did 1 a few days ago  same fixtures i think, and i bet my answers here are not the same,  lol....@absorbio..cheer up, it may never happen..lolz

    Brighton v Man Utd                    1-2

    Crystal Palace v Everton            2-1

    Burnley v Southampton              1-2

    Sheff Utd v Leeds                      1-3

    Spurs v Newcastle                     3-1

    Man City v Leicester                  3-1

    Liverpool  Arsenal                      2-0

    Motherwell v Rangers               0-2

  • 4 weeks ago

    I will try not to get to despondent August.

    Brighton 0 v 3 Man Utd

    Crystal Palace 1 v 1 Everton

    Burnley 1 v 3 Southampton (more hoping)

    Sheff Utd 1 v 1 Leeds (good old Yorkshire Derby)

    Spurs 2 v 1 Newcastle

    Man City 3 v 2 Leicester 

    Liverpool 1 v 1  Arsenal 

    Motherwell 1 v 2 Rangers ( sorry for thumb down Maggie)

  • I say middle finger to football/footballers and the stupid wages the spoilt rich kids get. we don't need them during COVID-19 crisis. Entertainment or insult? In the real world the talentless racists wouldn't even like to pay someone even 2-3% of what they get.

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  • Maggie
    Lv 6
    4 weeks ago

    I'm an expert on getting scores wrong :).. Anyway.. 

    Brighton 2-2 Man Utd 

    Crystal Palace 0-1 Everton 

    Burnley 2-1 Southampton (sorry Martin)

    Sheffield Utd 1-2 Leeds 

    Tottenham 2-0 Newcastle 

    Man City 3-1 Leicester 

    Liverpool 4-2 Arsenal 

    Motherwell 1-4 Rangers

    Thank you August. 

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