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Salary requirements for family based us visa?

Hi my husband is in the military we are a family of 6 and minimum requirements for a family of 6 for military spouse hes under $500 short for the yearly salary minimum requirements

Could we still get the Visa? 

Because military have their rent paid for by military would the embassy still not care because he is under the poverty level by under $500 ? 

What happens if the fact he is military and still under the minimum salary requirements 

The thing is every family lives their lives different so to put a minimum requirement on different family amount when they don't know how you live seems abit stupid we live fine on the pay he gets and we live in UK at the moment where it's more expensive than the states to lives 

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    Your husband needs to go though his unit's legal office to get advice and assistance sponsoring for his family member(s) for an immigration visa.  I expect he will get good news from the legal office. 

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    There is a separate schedule for active duty US military, IF sponsoring spouse or child only, and those requirements are very substantially below those for all other citizens sponsoring any immigrant (spouse, child, or other person). If your husband does not meet minimum earnings requirements, he cannot sponsor an immigrant. Application will be rejected. Support requirements are ridiculously low as it is! 

    IF he can prove additional income, e.g. from a home-based/online business, occasional labor, etc. he can make up the difference. But he is going to have to PROVE the earnings & report on income tax returns. They are becoming ever more diligent in verifying income!

    Perhaps your husband has another family member who can cosponsor, but they would have to earn enough to support self, all their own dependents, plus all of you, at the standard minimum earnings requirements. With such a large family as you have, that seems extremely unlikely. Back in the US, will hubby still be in the military, and will you all be living on base rent-free? More likely, you'll live off-base, and it's quite difficult to find housing for such a large family without the spouse working, as well as earning more than poverty level military pay. 

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    There are 2 simple solutions for this:

    1) he can make up the shortage of income with assets in the amount of 1:3. So if he's short $500 (a year?) all he needs to show is assets in the amount of $1,500.

    2) he can claim that he makes $500 per year walking dogs or moving lawns. He will just report this as 1099-income on his tax return. Nobody will check this.

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    Your husband needs to check with his military on this.  He may be able to include some non cash benefits such as housing.  They are the best ones to give advice.

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    There are laws and minimum means minimum regardless of how that affects you personally........ he will have to get a co sponsor which the US allows

  • A.J.
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    4 weeks ago

    Just wait until we vote crazy Trump out of office to get new requirements determined. I refuse to look up the Madness of Trump details and hope the mess ends in 2021.

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