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Does luis Suarez deserve more recognition ?

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    as fantastic a player as he was during his stint at Liverpool,  I am not a fan of his on pitch antics and his general lack of sportsmanship etc.

    his behavior was not great, but then neither was the attitude and sly tactics of manure players under mr ferguson in that time, so you combined a team line that against suarez you were ALWAYS going to get fireworks.  You knew suarez wasn't one to take the **** lollypop of manure in his mouth, hence why he opened manure a new a-hole each time he played against them it was suarez vs man united never liverpool v man united so when he went nuts,  it was not really our fault but a combination and result of suarez + manure players on a football field = fireworks LOL

    end of the day, we backed our man and did what we had to do.   Does Suarez deserve more recognition ?

    well he'll always be remembered for how he ripped apart EPL Defences for two seasons by himself ( 2012-13  and 2013-14 ) and was literally unplayable and unstoppable.      Nobody will forget that.

    However after I wouldn't say theres anything else worthy of mentioning about him other than he use to bite players and had a nasty side to his character on the football field which lets face it,  was not really the ideal type of footballer you'd want your child to idolise and admire as role model.

    players have a responsbility to behave and be mature and professioanl also,, its niot just about talent and skill.

    thats why kids also need to be told about the cheating and soft pens manure use to get under fergie etc.   the way they wwent about business during their pomp was deplorable at best,  there manner in conning teams out of deserved points was unforgivable too.   So I canot sit here and say the problem was in just one player at one club when there was a club who use to coax refs into decisions to win them games!

    No Suarez doesnt deserve more recognition.  Hes had enough.

  • Most ppl won't denies that he was a top 4 player and top 2 striker in his prime. He's past it though. Both him and Cavani. Uruguay's prime was with Forlan. I know one of his (Forlan's) HS friends

  • trust me he's got enough recognition,

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