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Anyone remember the movie The Iron Giant?

What to know if it was a fever dream but I remember Cartoon Network only showing the Iron Giant for an entire weekend every year in the summer. Always wondered what the reason for that since I was really young at the time. Anyone remember?

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    I think I remember what you’re talking about, when I was 7 in I think summer 2001 I fell off my bed and slammed into the bed frame and I still have a scar on my nose from it. Anyway so I stayed up with my dad and watched tv after that, and on Cartoon Network I think they were showing the iron giant on repeat, twice in one night, I remember watching the end of the movie and then it started over. Anyway it’s a great movie, and I’ve recently found out one of the animators from it is now a comic book writer that I’m a huge fan of named Rick Remender, I reccomend checking out his series black science, the art is amazing and the story is fantastic. 

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    its just an get you to watch

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    Yes I remember the iron giant. An all-time classic. Directed by the guy who also directed The Incredibles. The voices included Jennifer Aniston and Vin Diesel. Grossly underappreciated at the time it came out but the character has even made appearances in recent movies such as ready player one. 

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