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Why does my dog do this and how to stop her ?

I've been planning on getting a puppy for a while but the day before we got her we got a 6ish month old dog that our friend wasn't taking care of. So the next day when we bring the puppy home everything seems fine but when we were feeding the puppy he left his bowl and went to play and she tried to eat his food, she already ate so I was trying to stop her and she got mad or something and lashed out at the puppy who was nearby, minding his own business. Ever since then she growls at the puppy sometimes and snaps at him and I'm afraid she's going to hurt him. She does it when I'm playing with him or when he comes near her food bowl even though she gets plenty of food and playtime too. But she eats his food and thinks it's okay even though she knows we don't want her to and she doesn't listen to me, only my boyfriend. 

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    1 month ago

    take them for walks together. 

  • 1 month ago

    This is typical canine behavior.  The puppy has INVADED the home dogs territory.  Home dog will not accept the pup & will do all the things you have described.  It is all very normal.

    You need to keep pup away from home dog until the home dog has instilled in the pup that it is the Alpha dog.  You probably didn't introduce them properly & just brought the pup home & put it down.  Home dog is very territorial & doesn't like this intruder.  Only time will tell if they are able to get along or not.  Do not correct home dog for bothering the pup,  Correct the pup for bothering home dog.  Or just let the home dog teach the pup the ropes.  Home  dog probably won't kill the pup, it just doesn't want anything to do with the pup.

    With proper correction things will work out & the first couple of weeks will be hard on the pup but it has to learn its place in the pecking order of the household.

  • Maxi
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    1 month ago

    So you got a 6 month old dog without any plans to do so and for the worse reason because you felt 'sorry for it' and took  on someone elses responsibility, when you had already planned to get a pup and got that as well and now you wonder why you are having issues.......... it is very clear you are not in a position to have two young pups together and I have to say even for very experienced owners they do not have pups together that they intend to keep as pets simply because neither get the separate time, training, socialsation they each need to estabish well behaved pets, they bond together not with the owner and you end up with two badly behaved, untrained pets..........

    Of course the older pup will take the opportunity to eat the pups food, take its toys and rule the roost, dogs live in packs and establish a higharchy  and the older pup will establish that it is higher up the pack from day one.... a 6 month old that is at the stage of a teenage thug, already had at least 3 different homes and 3 different rules and little to no training....... you need to rehome the 6 month old before it seriously attacks/kills this young pup as you do not have the knowledge or skills to deal with two dogs which is clear from day one.

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  • Jojo
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    1 month ago

    This is a typical post that highlights the reason why some people should not even own a dog until they have researched and learnt a lot more about dog behaviour.

    Stormie......These are animals you are dealing with and very confused ones at that, with both being in a new and strange environment to what they have been used to.

          Older dogs WILL put a puppy in its place by growling and lunging at it or air snapping at it. As long as the older dog does not actually full on attack the pup, this is normal behaviour. It helps teach the pup what is acceptable behavior and what is not.

    But BOTH the dogs are pups and the older one will probably be in charge FOR NOW. This could change as the youngest one matures.

    However.....YOU (and your b/f) should be the ultimate leaders over both the adult dog and the pup.

    The older pup has no idea that she is not allowed to eat the pups food.

    To her, its food, its on the ground and its free for all to take.

    You have not had her long enough to teach her the `leave` command and besides that, not many dogs can resist food that is easy to get at.

    Feed the dogs separately from now on and train them separately.

    Once the youngest pup has its full vaccinations, walk them out together. 

    They will eventually form a bond, and you will need to have one or both Neutered. (spayed and castrated) before the female comes into heat.

    You have your hands full with 2 pups and you need to be their leader and be firm but fair and consistent with them all the time.

    You should never have taken on your friends pup if you knew you were about to get a pup of your own. There is only 4 months between them and even for an experienced owner its a lot to take on.

    If it`s all too much for you, then return one of the pups to its original home.

    Read why: >>>>>>>>

    Source(s): GSD owner for 57 years.
  • 1 month ago

    You brought in a dog 1 DAY (just ONE DAY!!!)  before the arrival of a wanted puppy (and did not even ascertain if it had had all of its required shots was 100% healthy or had a good temperament).  You IDIOT!  

    Then you thew it (again with ZERO KNOWLEDGE of the larger older dog and ZERO control over it) onto a brand new puppy - with ZERO coping skills.  WORST POSSIBLE CHOICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHAT YOU DO.... is return the puppy - before it is killed or IMMEDIATELY re-home the disaster dog you decided to adopt.  (Your choice, - you CANNOT have both).  It is 100% UNFAIR to the puppy and the fact you cannot even REMOTELY CONTROL SAID older, vicious and out of control "adopted" dog, indicts a very BAD and very short life for the innocent puppy - who now is likely TRAUMATIZED FOR LIFE in its opinion, or reaction to other dogs.  Puppies experience a natural  "fear period" at 8 weeks & so you have severely emotionally DAMAGED the puppy by doing as much harm as possible - short of allowing it to be killed - which may happen very soon.

  • 1 month ago

    If you intend to keep your friend's young dog, instead of trying to force the issue (poor puppy if it has been faced with this when only just coming to you) take the puppy back.   Before she gets badly hurt.   Why risk something like food poaching happening - when it's obvious they should have been fed SEPARATED. 

    The puppy is in new surroundings, being attacked.   The older dog is in new surroundings and hasn't yet understood that this is his new home.

    I hope I have the genders right - difficult to work out!!

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