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True or False: Trump has written books describing how good of a "con artist" he is? if so, why people trust him still?

btw, anyone seen the photos that are on the internet of Trump and the Clintons toasting each other at Trump's wedding to Melania? I dont know what year that was...but Trump was also a Democrat I am just scratching my head as to why people trust an REALITY TV ACTOR like Trump?

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    He has a cult following that he built from the fake reality show, The Apprentice. People started to believe he was a successful businessman. 

    This is the reason we want his taxes and business dealings. We want to destroy the cult by revealing him as a fraud.

    They should know he's a fraud, just like we do, because he won't show them.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I understand. But, the real reason is, he's not Joe.

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    Trump's presidency is so crooked that Scotch-Brite stopped making straight scrub sponges.                                                                                                                                Anyone who does their own dishes or buys their own supplies knows exactly what I am talking about.  I'm sure everyone whispers about this change, but you won't hear anything loud about it because why would you????

    This crooked joke of a country banked on no one talking about this and making it an issue and that's why it was done - just to move people.


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  • Emma
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    4 weeks ago

    False. Trump has never written a book.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Dude, wake up and smell the coffee, anyone in politics have to be good at being a con artist to draw them to vote for them

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    4 weeks ago

    yeah, just an example Pelosi ripping up Trump's speech at his State of the Union address was just "pure WWE"...fake fake fake. they probably laughed about it after together how they had fooled and riled up the idiots supporting Trump

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Those people think Trump's own books are fake news. It's willful ignorance. 

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