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How do I make friends with different kinds of people?

I always talk to same type of people and that’s what I am used to. It’s easier to make friends with certain types of people. I try to different people and it seems so difficult to have conversation and connect with them. 


I hang out in other towns and it’s easier people over there but in my town I have wanted to make friends but I had difficulty because there’s types of people here. They don’t seem as friendly either. Conversation is terrible when I try talking to someone.

Update 2:

Sometimes I think I made a friend in my area and they tell me they are so busy all the time and never hangout. This area is difficult to be social but I will keep trying.

Update 3:

We never hangout or exchange contact info.

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  • 1 month ago

    Why is everything so terrible?? You must be very smart, and also insecure. 

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