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What would happen if someone went to a adoption shelter claiming your parents died?

I plan on dying my hair, changing my clothes style, having a hair cut, and wearing colored contact lenses to run away from home. My dad is abusive and I feel like a burden to my family. I have thoughts about hurting my loved ones. I even thought about killing the family dog a few years ago because my parents wouldn't let me get a dog when I loved her. I have thoughts of killing my family so I feel like a danger to my family. Also I am worried I will hurt a new puppy we are adopting out of anger. So I plan on running away to an adoption centre and saying my parents died. But I am worried about leaving my disabled mum and the family pets behind cuz of my abusive dad, should I do this? Would this work? I am afraid of getting help

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    There's no such thing as an "adoption shelter."  If you're in the US, make a report to CPS and request removal from the home.  If you go in there in disguise and lie, it'll only make YOU look bad.

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    In most countries, there are no adoption shelters, there are child protective service agencies.

    If you are being abused, you need to report the abuse, and if you are considered to be in imminent danger of harm, a foster placement will be found for you.

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    What will happen is they won't just take your word for it, they will be checking into things and making sure you are who you say you are and that you don't actually have parents (or other family) to care for you. Foster care is expensive, and really, we don't want kids in foster care who don't need to be there because that takes resources from kids who really are in dangerous situations. Even if you were to convince someone and you were placed in another home with a new family, who is to say that you wouldn't continue to feel those same distressing feelings of wanting to harm other people? It's going to be better for you and everyone else in the long term if you can find the courage to reach out for help from a social worker or counselor; tell them what makes your father abusive and ask for help to address your violent ideations. 

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    "Mum?" "Adoption centre?" You're in England, I'm guessin'. Generally courts can have emergency hearings concerning runaways. Speaking with a DFS worker might be saner.

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    i wouldnt lie about it, but if youre being abused just call cps

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