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My taste and smell have been altered for two weeks already?

Everything smells and tastes bitter or off. Sometimes even rotten. I have no idea how this started and I'm going crazy trying to think. I have no symptoms of COVID-19 and havent been near anyone who has it. No one around me shows any symptoms either. All i have is seasonal allergies like sneezing and migraines. Just one day everything started tasting and smelling really bad and I'm concerned it might be permanent if i cant find the cause. 

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    That's weird, do you have a question?

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    If you’re smelling things that are not there then it be a medical condition called Phantosmia. If your nasal cavity is messed up with allergies, infecting the sinus, then it could mess up your sense of smell. The nose is connected to the mouth. Let’s say you have a sinus infection, the nasal drip can go down your mouth so everything smells off and taste bad. This is a theory since Phantosmia can be caused from a sinus infection, possible allergies, seizures, and possible brain tumor. 

    A brain tumor is extremely rare so don’t worry about it. If you are worried about Covid-19, it’s good to get tested to make sure. But it could merely be a sinus infection or even your allergies. I say sinus infection because it can cause headaches, etc. Take care and stay safe

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    False smells can come from a number of sources.  Look them up on the web.  I have false burning wood smells.  They come from bacteria that grow in my tonsils and they also produce tonsil stones.  I find that Listerine mouthwash helps but does not totally eliminate the smells.

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    Call your family doctor and go over your story with a nurse.  Most doctors are seeing patients and some are offering Telehealth appointment if they do not feel you need to be seen in the office.

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    get a Covid test     .

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