How to tell a friend they suck at their profession?

I have a friend who does hair and makeup. He has this HUGE portfolio online but the problem is it isn't good quality, he doesn't blend properly and over applies lip product without defining them. For hair he goes for over complicated designs and I like his simple cuts better, the ones he usually does makes the person's hair look over processed and weighed down. Now he added a whole other portfolio where he started doing these before and afters on homeless people, even the homeless people don't smile in the after and nobody smiles in any of his pictures. He is getting ready to ask for government aide and that is okay temporarily, but I think he would be better off getting a more concrete skill that he is good at on his name then trying to be something that isn't working. He is friends with a lot of people who have nothing and I think that is why nobody has said anything yet. Thoughts?


Also there are plenty of hairdressers in my city who are staying on the job because people do want to get cut, he does try to blame everything on Covid and it isn't that. 

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    Perhaps you can encourage him to look at the profiles of more successful professionals, perhaps from other cities, and see what he can learn. We never stop learning!

  • 4 weeks ago

    Your opinion is irrelevant. What matters is what his clients think.

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